May 18th — I practiced the day before and felt like I couldn’t get anything right. Hmmm…. Well, not today at derby!!! I was doing great! We partnered up a lot and I enjoyed working with the other ladies. We did some endurance skating, pace line skating, weaving in and out of the pace line single and with a partner, practiced wheel locking, and started to learn BLOCKING and WHIPS!!

The whole time we were wheel locking, my partner and I would crack up every time we wheel locked, as if the possibility of falling on our faces was the funniest thing ever! When it came to blocking, you really got an understanding of the importance of derby stance. Point blank, if you don’t do it, you will fall. During the blocking, the Vixen All Star skater and state Mitten Kitten player who instructs the class, Inzy Mood, told my partner and I to switch and she was going to block with me. I thought in my head, “Oh good Lord, here comes Inzy, an awesome blocker. I better bring what I have so far of my A game, or she’s gonna push me on my face! Haha.” Either she didn’t or I brought my game…. probably both!

The pace line weaving with a partner seemed like it was going to be very hard, but it turned out to be good — communication is one of the keys!

As I left the track I heard many people really happy that we got to work with our team mates more and proud of the things that we have learned, applied and accomplished, especially today. Today was a good day!


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