The roller derby community will rejoice come this November, when the WFTDA International Championships will be broadcast live on ESPN 3, the sports conglomerate’s Internet-based network.

This will mark the first that Champs weekend will be streamed by a major network.  In the past, the WFTDA has offered packages via their own web-streaming system so folks could catch the action with a minimal charge.

If you a cable package that includes ESPN, you will have access to ESPN 3 content.  You’ll be able to stream the games using your laptop or a streaming device such as Apple TV, Roku, or XBox.

This could be the beginning for flat track roller derby broadcasting.  If all goes well, there would be no reason for ESPN to jump on board the derby bandwagon and broadcast more.  Rumors of an ESPN W network would be a great place for WFTDA to call home.  Who knows?  Maybe derby will even ESPN 2, pre-empting competitive arm wrestling and lumberjack racing.

Make sure to log in to ESPN 3 November 6-8 to see who will be crowned Queen of the Rink.


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