We love our sponsors!

We need your help! The Lansing Derby Vixens are a not-for-profit LLC, which means that no one affiliated with the league makes a single penny from their involvement. In fact, skaters and officials actually pay dues to participate!

We can’t exist without the generous support of partners within the community. Your financial and in-kind support will help keep this league viable and ensure that Lansing roller derby is around for years to come!

So what YOU get out of the deal? Well, consider the following:

  1. Roller derby is the fastest growing sport in the world. There are more than 30 teams in Michigan alone.
  2. Modern roller derby has little in common with the professional wrestling-style spectacle of the 1970s and 80s. Today’s roller derby is a real full-contact sport overseen by a governing body with strict rules for skater safety. That said, playfulness still remains, making women’s flat-track roller derby a unique sport with personality and a family-friendly fun atmosphere.
  3. The Lansing Derby Vixens have been featured in many of Lansing’s most prominent media outlets, including the Lansing State Journal, WLNS, Fox-47, Lansing NOISE, Lansing Capital Gains, Greater Lansing Women’s Lifestyle Magazine, The State News, WILS, TalkLansing.net and more.

So, you see, becoming a sponsor or advertising partner can go a long way in getting your business’s name in front of people who are ready to support you!

Our sponsors help us Skate! Hit! Win! Want to sponsor the Vixens? Find out more information on our Sponsorship Form, and then contact us at sponsorship@lansingderbyvixens.com to learn more!

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