This week is RollerCon 2016, a giant week-long roller derby tournament and convention held in Las Vegas. This year marks the eleventh RollerCon, and the Vixens are sending a contingent of skaters and officials to the event!

RollerCon consists of:

  • near-constant fun scrimmages (with themes like Derby Wives vs. Derby Sisters, Born in the 80s vs Born in the 90s, Twerk vs. Prancercise .. you get the idea);
  • seminars and classes on becoming a better derby player (like Partner to Solo Blocking Transitions, Mending Your Wall Before it Breaks, Apex Jumping 101 and Beyond, and so on);
  • off-skates workouts and classes (including daily morning yoga);
  • classes for officials (WFTDA scoring, Jam Reffing, Penalty Box Scenarios, etc.);
  • marquee and sanctioned games (Vagine Regime vs. Caulksuckers and Magic Mike vs. Chippendales are two big draws — the MM vs. Chippendales game collects donations every year for charities);
  • a banked track, with classes to learn to skate and officiate banked track derby;
  • a giant merchandise area, with every roller derby vendor you can think of;
  • lots and lots of parties!

It’s huge, it’s exciting, and it’s an incredible opportunity for skaters and officials to meet other derby folks from around the country, participate in games, classes, and events, and learn a TON!

This year the Lansing Derby Vixens have eleven skaters and officials going to RollerCon — Chunk Rock Girl, Bibbity Bobbity Boom, Adam Smasher, Biz Barksalot, Steviation, and Ph.Demon are going as skating officials; John Brawls and Bert Hert are going as non-skating officials; and House of Bruise, Ph.Demon, Social Smacktivist, Jasmine Rice, and Goldie Bloxxx are going as skaters.

I’m sure all of the Vixens are looking forward to skating, learning, reffing, and NSOing all the things … and I’m also sure that they will manage to have some fun while they are at it. Stay hydrated, though — Las Vegas in the summer is brutal!


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