I remember when I first saw the sign for the Vixens Boot Camp. I thought, “What a great idea; I could try something new and maybe I would be totally awesome at it!” So, I showed up at the boot camp, got my skates and pads on and headed for the track. Within two seconds I was on the floor. I crawled back up to a standing position and BAM! – back on the floor. I spent more time on the ground then I did standing upright. But never in my mind did I think about giving up. Even after I couldn’t get out of bed the next day, I knew that I wanted to keep trying this. I came to the next two boot camps and each time I was able to do more and more. I then decided to sign up for 101s. I love to skate and be on my skates. I look forward to every single time I get to tie up my laces and hit the track. I still fall, but I always get back up.

I noticed that for every new skill we learned, everyone seemed to pick it up a lot faster than I did. It took me lots of time on and off my skates to learn a skill and still struggle with it. I had such great support from all of the vets that I never let it get to me. That was, until I had my first breakdown. I was so mad at myself that everything was taking me so long to learn and yet I still felt like I sucked at everything I did. That night was rough, but everyone at the practice just said don’t give up. Some of the vets said that they struggled just like I did in the beginning, and I had a hard time believing them because they were so good! Part of me wanted to give up, but the other part of me knew that I loved skating and no matter how horrible I was at it, I would keep getting better the more I skated.

I go to every practice available, and if there is no practice, I am skating outside or at open skate nights. I still have times when I see my fellow skaters grasping a new skill faster then me and I get really discouraged. On those nights, I go back to my first time on skates and how I couldn’t even stand, let alone do a 180 or jump on my skates.

I love being able to talk to the vets and coaches and just take in all of the information on how to do things. I am definitely a person that has to break skills up step by step. I am so thankful for everyone that has helped me on my journey and who will continue to help me. I am forever grateful!

“Princess Slay Ya”

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