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LDV All-Stars vs. Providence Roller Derby     ECDX  6-20-15

Photos courtesy of Hispanic Attack Photography


Old Town Beat Down vs. Sarnia Chinstraps 6-14-15

Photos courtesy of Rhonda Morse Photography


LDV All-Stars vs. Grand Raggidy All-Stars 5-9-15

Photos courtesy of D. Babao Photography


Old Town Beat Down vs. Killamazoo Kill Squad  5-9-15

Photos courtesy of Rhonda Morse Photography and D. Babao Photography



JV All-Stars vs. Damzel Dollz and LDV All-Stars vs. Fox Cities wrap up 6-8-15


LDV All-Stars vs. Garden State     ECDX 2015


LDV on HOMTV All-Access Sports 4-16-15


2015 Skatie Hawkins Promo


2015 Season Opener Preview


LDV All-Stars vs. Ann Arbor Brawlstars Recap 9-6-14


LDV Turns 5 years old!


Outer Vibe Official Music Video- Princess of Sin


2014 Staples Make Your Idea Happen Entry Video