2014-02-06 21.53.36 copySo, who are these Vixens anyway?

The Lansing Derby Vixens is split into three teams, each featuring skaters from all walks of life. Each team features a coach and other volunteers to help guide training and provide leadership on and off the track.

So, without further ado, it’s time to meet the Vixens!

The Charter Team (Our All-Stars)

The Lansing Derby Vixens All-Stars are the skaters listed with the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) as our official roster for league sanctioned play. This roster may be updated multiple times per year as the need arises. Check out our current roster here.

The Capital Corruption (Our “B” Team)

The Lansing Derby Vixens Capital Corruption and Old Town Beat Down were formed to accommodate our incredibly rapid growth. Though we have close to 50 skaters on our league, only 14 may play in any one game. Bout roster spots are earned competitively, so to make sure more skaters were able to play, we created a second team for our 2012 season. Check out the current roster here.

Our Officials

The Lansing Derby Vixens feature some of the most respected, dedicated and highly skilled officials in Michigan and in the world. In fact, no team in Michigan has more WFTDA-certified NSOs than we do, and our referees are highly sought-after for their skill and professionalism. Find out more here.