Referee at RollerCon

*Photo courtesy of MF #photography

This was my first time at Rollercon. Without the “How to Survive Rollercon” guide from our HR Chunk Rock Girl, I would NEVER have survived! Aside from the size, trying to decide what to do, when to do it and just how much to do is only part of the challenge. Getting enough rest, making new friends and learning about derby from many world travelers just adds to the experience and exhaustion. Each day started with an Officials Meeting at 8:30 AM and ended around 6-7 PM, allowing for an opportunity to go out, see a show and relax with House of Bruise–then back to the room so we could get enough rest to start all over again!

Roller derby referees at Roller ConSome highlights were working with officials like Umpire Strikes Back, Dilligaf, JustinBibe, Dizzy Duzher, Ewen Jected, Megapickle, Duke Skellington, and the Pantichrist (not to mention such star LEOs as Boom, Bert Hert and Chunk Rock Girl). All together, I worked 15 Challenge Games, 3 full length games, was alt for a sanctioned and regulation game, went to an OPR and an IPR class, and then tried some IPR training on the banked track!

Rollercon might not be for everybody, but you should go at least once or twice so you can make sure! Next year, I plan on returning and will “do all the stuff” once again.

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