WhiLJV Poster (Pow) (Flyer Size)(2) (1)le flat-track roller derby has largely been an adult sport, there has been a surge in junior participation over the last several years. Junior derby typically includes skaters ranging in age from 8-17 and uses a modified set of rules that allows skaters of varied ages to play a contact sport together safely.

While junior roller derby is a competitive sport, skaters learn more than how to compete. Parents of junior skaters often note the positive changes they see in their young people who participate, both on and off the track, including more confidence and a better body image.

The Junior Vixens are always recruiting new skaters and officials. Parents of anyone between the ages of 8 and 17 interested in joining can click HERE for more information, or may contact the team at info@lansingderbyvixens.com!

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