2014-04-03_1126The Lansing Derby Vixens are thrilled to announce we won the $15,000 first prize in the Staples Make Your Idea Happen Contest. In addition to the cash prize, the Vixens will also receive specialized business consulting services from the panel of experts who helped choose the winners.

Vixens coach Ryan Knott entered the contest on behalf of the league. He said they will use the money to help build out a potential new venue as well as defray costs associated with general league operations.

“While still in the early planning stages, we’re looking at a new potential combined practice space and home venue for our 2015 season,” he said. “Staples can help us outfit that new space with technology products like computers, wireless networking and video cameras, but they also have a lot of products you might not expect, like sports and fitness equipment, lockers, and safety gear, so that will be a huge resource for us, as well.”

Staples received more than 16,000 contest entries from all over North America. The Vixens were chosen as one of 10 finalists earlier this month. Fans then voted for their favorite finalist from April 3-16. The winners were chosen based on a combination of the number of votes received and the quality of their original entry.

Vixens President Teresa Zwemer said the prize will be a huge help to the league.

“There are a lot of expenses that go into running an organization of this size, and this prize is going to be a great way for us to save money while also improving the quality of fan experience at our games,” she said. “Plus, the chance to learn from business experts will help us better plan for future growth and success. We’re absolutely thrilled at this opportunity.”

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