We learned SOOOOO much! The basics of hitting – AWESOME; sprint starts including toe stop runs and duck running – AWKWARD but necessary; and hopping – AAAAAHHHHH. Hopping is very hard for me, I’m sure I’ll get it eventually (practice, practice, practice) but to think I will soon also need to hop laterally is VERY intimidating – EEK! Learning individual skills is fun, but I can’t wait to put it all together!

While watching the Vixens scrimmage Tuesday, I realized how important it is to master each skill. When in a pack many of the athletes run, walk, hop and LEAP more than they actually roll. The jammers are so fast, I swear they fly! It is amazing watching the Vixens perform complex maneuvers knowing that each skater started in 101’s with various skating ability – some hanging on the wall. The Vixens are awe-inspiring and SO talented!


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