*photo courtesy of Tristan King Photography

Bibbity Bobbity Boom is a referee and non-skating official (NSO) with LDV’s League of Extraordinary Officials – that is, LEOs. She started skating in 2013, the day after her 50th birthday. Boom is a referee and a certified Level 2 non-skating official (NSO – the ones with the pink shirts). Most LEOs have lots of opportunities for travel! For example, in 2015, Boom officiated at the international derby play-offs in Dallas, Cleveland, and Detroit, the Men’s Championships in St. Louis, and 7 other multi-day events, and she went to a referee clinic in Tampa.

The highlight of the year was refereeing at Rollercon in Las Vegas for  a charity fundraiser of top male skaters in – ahem – fewer clothes than usual (but all the protective gear!). Outside of derby, Boom is a university administrator and developmental psychologist, researching intervention programs for children, and sings in a women’s choir, which is going to Cuba this year. She says, “If you’re not comfortable with contact but want to be involved in derby, come join LEOs!”

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