Week 3: Learning derby is hard, and amazing!

Have you ever done a bear crawl? β€œI am a bear. I like honey. I am a bear. I like honey.” This was on repeat in my head while trying not to vomit doing bear crawls. Silly, but I didn’t puke. Crawling along on my hands and toe stops at the end of a 4-hour practice I wanted to give up – but when I looked around my teammates were by my side working just as hard as I was to keep going. So we continued together. When we got to the end every part of me wanted to collapse on the ground, but there were some others struggling to finish. I didn’t collapse and my teammates didn’t either. We ALL went out and bear crawled one more length of the track to finish as a team. It was physically and emotionally exhausting…and absolutely incredible.

Week 4: What’s so funny about wheel locking?

I have no idea. Wheel locking occurs when your wheels lock with the skater next to you. And…it is hilarious. Not sure what happened exactly, but while skating along trying to lock wheels and essentially trip each other my partner and I started laughing hysterically. For several laps and many near falls, we cracked up without reserve. Learning derby is so much fun!!



One response to “Derby is hard, amazing, funny, and fun.”

  1. ~Tara~ says:

    I LOVE that you wrote about wheel locking too!!!!! πŸ™‚ And next time there are bear crawls, I will try your “Im a bear. I like honey.” πŸ˜‰

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