I had the most amazing experience at Vixen 101s the other day. It was Mother’s Day and a 4 hour class at that. My first 4 hour class was a killer and my legs hurt so bad for the following 3 days after that. This week, however, I’m sore only from falling so many times (learning how to jump over things) and the lovely bear crawl.

I completed my first 27 and 5; I only did 18 laps but it WILL get better. Side note: I didn’t fall once during that part of 101s!

So back to that bear crawl….Some of you may think “just a bear crawl??…” OH NO my friends, it’s a bear crawl on steroids. Try doing it on a slippery surface, while tearing and ripping your hands open, and slipping all over, including on your face, because of your wrist guards. OH, did I mention all the while on skates? Insane, yes….but the experience was amazing. We all know derby girls are bad ass, but this, my friends, makes you realize just how bad ass they really are. Some of us were slower than others in completing this endurance test. The team captain got down right with me and crawled with me side by side, encouraging me and telling me I could do it. I was one of the first finishers and we are NOT to sit until the last girl the crosses the finish line. So those of us who finish go back out, smoked and as tired as we are, and finish with the remaining girls who need a little push.  I have no idea how I did it but I did. My muscles were burning so bad I thought they were on fire.

The point of my story is: that moment, this team, these sisters are what I have been waiting for. The camaraderie between these girls is amazing. Even if I don’t make the cut, I am so happy and a better person for simply meeting each and every one of them. Vets and Fresh Meats. Go Vixens! Go Derby!


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