3.22.2015 — Today was different. I started derby skating for the first time in August 2014 and have discovered a new love. Little by little I have inched closer to improving my skills… but today I learned something new. Last year, when I first attempted the 27 laps in 5 min. I think I only got to about 10 laps or so, and got pretty discouraged. I haven’t even attempted it again-until today. The team said something to us 101’ers before we started the 27 in 5 that changed my attitude and mind. They said that to succeed in the 27 in 5, you needed a certain state of mind (sort of like an athlete’s winning and an “I can do this” mindset is how I understood it). So I set my mind that no matter what I encountered on that track, I was gonna do much better than my previous 10 laps last year.

Now I won’t say it was a breeze-it was not. Was I in pain? at times yes. Did I feel like giving up? at times yes. Did I almost fall flat on my face? probably. But, to my surprise, I did not, and at the end I was told that I had made it to 25 laps in 5 and that totally changed everything for me. What I learned is that your mindset has a WHOLE bunch to do with your performance. Things I thought I could never do, I am doing… Derby is amazing and is showing me a new me.


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